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FAQ: Frequently asked questions

Without a flush? It must stink, right?

No, it doesn't stink with uridan® urinals!

The heart of the uridan urinals is the patented uridan odour trap: it works with uriLOCK®, a special blocking liquid which is biodegradable. As it is lighter than urine, the heavy urine automatically flows directly into the sewer system. The lighter uriLOCK® remains on the surface and acts like a liquid lid, keeping 100% of all odours out of the sewer.

The cleaning of uridan®-urinals is very fast and can be done in 2 simple steps, because uridan®-urinals have no rim (behind which dirt could collect) and no protruding bolt or screw heads. For daily cleaning we recommend our special cleaning and care product uriCLEAN®. Simply spray daily on the inside & outside of the urinal and polish with the uriCLOTH® polish with the microfiber cloth.

On the contrary! Urine is sterile. Bacteria can only develop in combination with water. Investigations by recognised institutes have shown that the bacterial contamination of waterless urinals is much lower than that of water-flushed urinals.

First remove the remains of the vomit on the surface. Remove the lid of the urinal using the uridan® suction cup and flush the vomit with plenty of water into the sewer. In case of heavy contamination we recommend the use of our specially developed deep cleaner uriSTRONG® (for details please see our cleaning instructions). Fill up the siphon with plenty of water and replace the lid. Now empty 0.3 L uriLOCK® over the lid and your urinal is ready for use again. 

Refilling the uriLOCK® barrier fluid is very easy and takes place in a single step. Simply empty a 0.3 L bottle of uriLOCK® over the lid and your urinal is immediately ready for use again. This is quick, odourless and, above all, touch-free. If the urinal is very dirty, we recommend deep cleaning the siphon with our specially developed deep cleaner uriSTRONG® before refilling the blocking fluid (for details, please refer to our cleaning instructions).

Refilling the uriLOCK® blocking fluid is necessary after about 3 months or 15,000 uses, as the urine in the siphon begins to thicken over the course of this time. Which is quite normal! You will notice the point in time by the fact that the urine no longer drains well. Open the lid and check if there is still enough coloured uriLOCK® in the urinal. If there is not enough barrier fluid, empty 0.3 L uriLOCK® over the lid. 

When using the HighTech lid, the LED light signals that the liquid is being refilled (activation with the supplied magnetic pen). Green - filling level is OK. Red - fill level is at minimum, please refill barrier fluid (for details, please refer to the instructions for use under Downloads). 

Always use uriLOCK®, only then the function is guaranteed.

In principle, this cannot happen, as the five holes in the lid are designed in such a way that urine or, in this special case, water can drain away slowly. However, in the event of increased pressure and a large amount of water, the barrier fluid can enter the sewerage system, which is why we recommend opening the lid of the urinal in such a case and checking whether there is still enough barrier fluid uriLOCK® in the urinal. If there is not enough uriLOCK® in the urinal, please empty 0.3 L of uriLOCK® through the lid to ensure 100% odourless operation.
Yes, very easy. Replacement usually takes less than an hour per urinal. If water-flushed urinals were previously in operation, it is important to clean the pipes of urine scale and other deposits before installation Flushing the pipes is not sufficient. After the installation of uridan® urinals, urine scale no longer forms, as the lime from the water for the formation of urine scale is missing. However, a rear ventilation, as with every conventional water-flushed urinal (regulation!) must be installed. 
uridan® urinals are very stable and are fixed on a concealed metal cross. They offer no externally visible starting point for vandalism. This greatly reduces the risk of vandalism. We also offer models made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). This material is even more indestructible, has a very long service life and offers high security against vandalism.
The cost efficiency of uridan urinals starts with the simple installation. Because a urinal that requires no water also needs no complex and expensive flushing fittings and no electricity. And that reduces installation, operating and maintenance costs enormously. One of our of our partners will be happy to advise you personally and provide you with a tailor-made investment and profitability calculation free of charge.
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