Maximize your
water savings
with urinals from uridan®

Maximize your
water savings
with urinals from uridan®.

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Did you know that a conventional urinal uses up to 150,000 liters of water a year? We want to preserve this raw material of life - for the future of mankind.

Besides the awareness towards the environment, uridan® also saves additional money. Already during the installation of your sanitary facilities you save a lot of money. The patented uridan® technology requires neither a water nor an electricity connection, so you are spared high installation and maintenance costs.

Waterless urinal systems from uridan® stand for sustainable function with distinctive design and unique technology.

The vision +

A urinal is a necessity, but not the use of water. And that was precisely the basis for the invention of uridan in 1998. Water is too precious to simply be flushed away in the urinal. So first came a groundbreaking idea. Then it was a matter of fulfilling the function and wrapping it in a design that was second to none.

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Functional, Remarkable, and Easy.

Quickly explained, but long and carefully researched. The heart of the uridan® urinal is the unique uridan siphon. It works with uriLOCK - a specially developed locking liquid. Biodegradable, of course.

uriLOCK is lighter than urine and so it can automatically flow directly into the sewer. uriLOCK performs the function of a "liquid lid" that keeps all odors out of the sewer.

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